California as an Island: From Pieter Goos's 1672 Sea Atlas

Perhaps a prediction of things to come, this is a most dramatic portrayal of California as an island. Note that the Tropic of Cancer and the compass roses are brightened with gold. Putti on the legend and cartouche play with a compass, cross-staff, and surveyor's chain. Swags of fruit are perhaps emblematic of California's verdant resources. A circle of 16 points creates the web of rhumb lines on the map, reflecting compass and wind directions.

Pieter Goos. "œPaskaerte van Nova Granada en t'Eylandt California" [Nautical Chart of New Granada and the Island of California]. Hand-colored engraving. Plate 39 in Goos's: De zee-atlas ofte water-wereld [Sea Atlas of the Water World]. Amsterdam: P. Goos, 1672.
The New York Public Library, The Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division.

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