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Delve deeper into the stories behind Three Faiths with these short videos, produced on behalf of the Coexist Foundation.

The Scroll of Esther: Remarkable Artistry

This stunning and extremely rare scroll illustrates the story of Purim, featuring cityscapes from the once-vast Persian Empire. Narration by "Three Faiths" guest curator David Wachtel.

Qisas al-Anbiya: Tales of the Prophets

This late 16th-century Islamic manuscript features ancient tales of sacrifice, angelic interventions, and miracles.

Xanten Bible: a 700-year Survival

Three Faiths guest curator David Wachtel discusses a very rare illuminated Jewish manuscript, produced in Germany in the year 1294.

The Praises of the Prophet: Travels from Beyond the Ottoman Empire

Patrick J. Ryan., S.J., guest curator, shows off the rich illustrations of this book of devotions, including the Prophet Mohammad's prayer beads and toothbrush, as well as the scales weighing the good and bad deeds of mankind.

The Harkness Gospels: Extraordinary Iconography

NYPL curator George Fletcher discusses the fascinating illustrations in the 10th-century Harkness Gospels, featuring beast-headed Evangelists, and a depiction of Christ holding a book that proclaims "The Lord has Risen."

Gospels in the Ge'ez Language: an Ethiopic Manuscript

In this 18th-century manuscript, written in Ge'ez, the Semitic language of the ancient kingdom of Aksum in present-day northeast Ethiopia, Christ is shown teaching. Narration by NYPL curator George Fletcher.