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From Revelation to Scriptures

ca. 1700 BCE

Abraham enters into a covenantal relationship with a single, unseeable God

ca. 1200 BCE

Moses and the Children of Israel receive the Torah at Mount Sinai

ca. 445–397 BCE

Ezra the Scribe institutes public reading of the finalized text of the Torah

ca. 28–30 CE

Jesus ministers in the Galilee and Jerusalem

ca. 51–63 CE

Paul of Tarsus composes epistles

ca. 70–120 CE

Writing of the Synoptic Gospels

ca. 200–500 CE

Redaction of the Oral Law; compilation of the Talmud

ca. 610–632 CE

Muhammad receives revelation; active in Mecca and Medina

ca. 650 CE

Collection and standardization of the consonantal text of the Qur’an

ca. 690–900 CE

Qur’an text finalized with addition of vowel markers and diacritics