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Credits and Acknowledgements

With generous additional support from Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Achelis and Bodman Foundations, the Charles J. Mauro Fund, the Bertha and Isaac Liberman Foundation, Inc., in memory of Ruth and Seymour Klein, and the Lubar Institute for the Study of Abrahamic Religions, University of Wisconsin–Madison. Support for The New York Public Library's Exhibitions Program has been provided by Celeste Bartos, Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III, Mahnaz Ispahani Bartos and Adam Bartos Exhibitions Fund, Jonathan Altman, and Pannonia Foundation. Three Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam was inspired by the British Library's 2007 exhibition Sacred: Discover what we share.

Curators and Advisors
H. George Fletcher
Edward Kasinec
F. E. Peters
Patrick J. Ryan, S.J.
Priscilla Soucek
Bishop Anoushavan Tanielian
Michael Terry
David Wachtel
Elaine Charnov
Director, Education, Programming and Exhibitions, EPE

Susan Rabbiner
Assistant Director, Exhibitions

Kailen Rogers
Curatorial Associate

Andrew Pastore
Installation Coordinator

Andrew Gaylard and Tommy Zimmerman
Art Handlers

Myriam de Arteni
Exhibition Conservator

Caryn Gedell, Deborah Straussman, and Jean Mihich (retired)

Barbara Bergeron (retired) and David Sclar

Natalie Tschechaniuk
Project Manager, EPE

Amy Forman Design
Exhibition Design

Ann Sappenfield
Graphic Design

Suzanne Doig
Brochure Design

Exhibition Production
T. E. Black Studio
Color X
Mind the Gap

Heartfelt thanks to the many NYPL curators and librarians who were instrumental in the selection and study of exhibition materials, particularly Isaac Gewirtz, Margaret Glover, Michael Inman, Diana Lachatanere, Thomas Lannon, John Lundquist (retired), Sum Ota, and Hee-Gwone Yoo.

Images Details from: (top) Ketubah (Jewish marriage contract). Nizza Monferrato, 6 Elul AM 5542 (16 August 1782 CE). NYPL, Dorot Jewish Division. Digital ID 1238114; (middle) Book of Hours, Use of Rome, in Latin and French. Master of Spencer 6 (perhaps Laurent Boiron), illuminator France, Bourges, ca. 1505–1510. NYPL, Spencer Collection. Digital ID 427222; (bottom) Qur’an. Muhammad Khallusi, scribe. Istanbul, AH 1268 (1851–1852 CE). NYPL, Spencer Collection.