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Islam A Compilation of Prayers

Zayn al-'Abidin.  Al-Sahifah al-Kamilah al-Sajjadiyah [The Perfect Page of Worshipping]. Isfahan (?), Iran, 18th century; with later additions. NYPL, Spencer Collection.

During their visit to Mount Arafat, pilgrims stand in the open air and seek forgiveness for past sins with prayers that can last several hours. This miniature prayer compendium is open to the penitential text to be recited during such a visit; it is one of the volume’s longest.

This manuscript’s colophon has been excised but its calligraphy and illumination suggest an 18th-century date. They reflect the artistic traditions associated with Isfahan and the calligraphic legacy of Ahmad al-Nayrizi. The book's marginal decoration and its binding were added in the 19th century.