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Christianity Gospel Readings

Lectionarium Evangeliorum (Gospel Lectionary, in Latin). Benedictine abbey of Corvey, Saxony, ca. 950. NYPL, Manuscripts and Archives Division.

This book of biblical readings (lectiones in Latin), for use during the divine liturgy, owes its inspiration to the court school of Charles the Bald (840–877), but establishes an artistic statement as representative of its own age. The book’s possible patron was King Otto I, crowned at Aachen on 2 August 936 and anointed as Emperor by Pope John II on 2 February 962. His consort was an Anglo-Saxon princess, Edith, daughter of Edward the Elder and Ælflæd. The manuscript contains an exceptional calendar entry for St. Grimbald (died 901), whom Alfred the Great brought to England in 885.

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