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Selected Public Programs

For complete information about Three Faiths-related programs, including dates, times, and locations, visit: and

Download a pdf of the complete Three Faiths guide to free programs and events.

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Children’s Programs


Make your own small booklets and decorate them with images inspired by illuminated manuscripts.

Celebrate Purim

Discover the history and customs of the Jewish holiday of Purim. Children will decorate a mask to disguise themselves.

Hanukkah: Festival of Lights

Explore the history and customs of Hanukkah. Children will make a dreidel to take home and learn how to play the dreidel game.

Islamic Art and Architecture

Create your own piece of artwork inspired by Islamic mosaics.

The Islamic Art of Calligraphy

Explore different styles of calligraphy and create your own art project.

Shirazad’s Children: One Thousand and One Nights

Take a dazzling ride on a magic carpet through the ancient Arabian world and other parts of the globe through the captivating power of storytelling!

Teen Programs


Use ancient techniques and modern technology to create a book of faith.


Learn about Arabic and Asian calligraphy, examine examples of holy texts, and put ink to paper as you try swirls and scrolls.


Bring your beliefs to life as you work with our expert theater team to explore religion, faith, and more.

Have Faith

What do God, Religion, Church, Temple, Mandala, Nature, Faith, and Belief mean to you? Work with the poets of Voices Unbroken to explore your ideas, then proclaim them before the microphone.

Illuminated Manuscripts

Uncover the hidden messages of symbols, use ancient techniques to prepare paper and pigments, and practice your calligraphy as you create your own illuminated manuscript.

On Common Ground

Discuss the similarities and differences between various religious traditions and work with a group to create an object that embodies all your stories.

Sacred Mouthfuls

Your body is your temple, so feed it right. Discover the history of religion and food, and practice making a traditional dish.

Adult Programs

The 411 on Faith: Communities in Dialogue

A series of moderated conversations with local spiritual leaders about belief, worship, and religious practice in New York City.

Author @ NYPL

Lectures and book talks at branch libraries, featuring authors, filmmakers, and public intellectuals

Lorraine Abramson — “My Race: A Jewish Girl Growing Up Under Apartheid in South Africa”

Salvatore Basile — “Fifth Avenue Famous: The Extraordinary Story of Music at St. Patrick’s Cathedral”

Ronald Brown — “Three Lectures on the Three Faiths”

Charles Cohen — “Jews and Muslims in Christian America”

Anthony Donovan — “Local Faith Communities: A Documentary”

Sarah Johnson — “Pioneer of Tolerance: Jacques Marchais’ Passion for Tibet, Her Tibetan Museum, and the Beginnings of American Buddhism”

Scott Korb — “Life in Year One: What the World Was Like in First-Century Palestine”

Laura Kruger — “Living in the Moment”

Eric Metaxas — “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy — A Righteous Gentile Versus the Third Reich”

Lauren Sandler —“Righteous: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement”

Bronx Symphony Orchestra

Selections from Handel’s Messiah and other holiday favorites.


Festival music including the cuatro, one of the national string instruments of Puerto Rico, and its intrinsic repertoire: the seis, aguinaldo, and villancico.

The Celebrate 350 Lecture: Jonathan Sarna

“‘That Obnoxious Order’: Ulysses S. Grant and the Jews.”

David Glukh Klezmer Ensemble

Klezmer music, a tradition brought to the U.S. from the Ashkenazic Jews of Eastern Europe, along with special “fusions” with other world musical traditions.

Documenting Faith: A Film Series

Documentary films from the Library’s extensive collections illuminate poignant —and sometimes surprising — aspects of lived religious experience around the world.

From the Scriptorium: The Art of Bookmaking

Design and create your own handmade book with educators from the Center for Book Arts.

Glory of Sephardic Music with Alhambra

Vocal and instrumental Sephardic music, a combination of Judeo-Spanish and Middle Eastern traditions, on authentic regional instruments.

Hindu Music and Dance

Devotional songs performed with sitar and raga accompaniment and religiousnarratives told through Kathak dance.

Lavender Light Gospel Choir

Lavender Light, The Black and People of All Colors Lesbian and Gay Gospel Choir, is dedicated to keeping the Black Gospel music tradition alive in an environment of peace, love, tolerance, and hope.

The Ode to Joy: Poetry and Spiritual Expression

Radio journalist Adam Phillips leads participants in reading spiritual poetry, prayer, and praise from various religious and literary traditions, before creating and sharing expressions of their own.

Sacred Adornments

Explore the profound connections between world cultures and religions through the medium of jewelry.

Sacred Journal Writing

Rituals are part of spiritual practice, and writing can be a ritual too. This workshop focuses on journal-keeping as a contemplative and enriching spiritual practice for a secular world.

Sounds of Kora Music with Yacouba Sissoko

The kora, a 21-string harp-lute made from a calabash gourd, has been used in West African songs of praise, ritual, and oral history for centuries.

Sufi Music with Rumi

Sufi music is a reflection of Sufi views on the afterlife. Hear its mystic sounds, accompanied by the poetry of Rumi.

LIVE from the NYPL


Stories of the Sacred

Karen Armstrong — Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life

Reza Aslan — Three Faiths Through a Contemporary Lens

Slavoj Žižek — God Without the Sacred: The Book of Job, The First Critique of Ideology

Educator Programs

Holiday Celebration with Theater, Literature, and Sacred Art

The American Place Theatre will perform its adaptation of Three Cups of Tea, and teachers will explore the educational relevance of Three Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam with curatorial staff.

Manuscripts, Madonnas, Mandalas: Teaching the Art of Belief

Great works of art can communicate a culture’s religious beliefs, but what approaches and strategies are needed to introduce them to students of all backgrounds? Co-presented by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Teaching the Sacred in the Secular Classroom

Panel discussion featuring educational and community leaders about approaching sacred subjects in the secular classroom.

For complete information about Three Faiths-related programs, including dates, times, and locations, visit: and

Download a pdf of the complete Three Faiths guide to free programs and events.

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