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Islam, the youngest of the three Abrahamic faiths, was established in the 6th century CE by Muhammad. Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad received God's message through the angel Gabriel. Muhammad is revered as the Messenger of God and as the final Prophet. Islam's sacred text is the Qur'an ("Recitation" in Arabic), which contains the messages revealed to Muhammad over a 22-year period. Two of the oldest examples of the Qur'an in Three Faiths, from the 9th century and written on vellum, are also among the most beautiful, featuring colorful and intricate decoration. The ancient scribal practice of writing sacred texts by hand flourished far longer in Islam than it did in Judaism or Christianity, both of which embraced the advent of printing in the West in the mid-15th century. The printed Qur'an became popular only in the early 20th century.