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Judaism, the oldest of the three Abrahamic faiths, traces its birth to ca. 2000-1500 BCE (Before the Common Era), when Abraham made a covenant with God. Abraham introduced the belief in one true God (monotheism) and serves as the forbear for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. For Jews, Abraham is the first of the Patriarchs, a direct ancestor of the Jewish People to the present day. Moses, who is believed to have lived in the 13th–12th centuries BCE and is considered the great lawgiver, received the Torah — the collection of divine commandments and regulations — from God on Mount Sinai. The Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) is the sacred text in Judaism. One of the most outstanding examples of the Hebrew Bible in Three Faiths is the Library’s monumental two-volume calligraphic Tanakh known as the Xanten Bible (1294 CE), which appears in both the "Highlights" and "The Scriptures" sections of the exhibition.