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Christianity The Christian Bible

Gospels (Harkness Gospels), in Latin. Landévennec, Brittany, before 917. NYPL, Manuscripts and Archives Division.

Depending on the branch of Christianity, the Christian Bible consists of all or some of the following: the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Epistles and Acts of the Apostles, Revelation, and the Apocrypha. This is the oldest manuscript of the Christian Bible in the Library's collections, and it consists of the core texts of the New Testament, the four Gospels, which proclaim the "good news" (the evangels) of Jesus' life and works.

This manuscript reflects a strong Celtic influence, seen here in the "beast-headed" Evangelists, their attributes forming parts of their depictions. It comes from an abbey in coastal Brittany, which was sacked by the Vikings in 917. The manuscript, previously restricted by a tight modern binding, has been disbound for conservation and to prevent further damage.

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