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Judaism Mishnah

Mishnayot 'im Peirush le-ha-Rambam [Mishnah, with the Commentary of Maimonides]. Moses ben Maimon (Maimonides). Naples: Joshua Solomon Soncino and Joseph Ibn Piso, AM 5252 (1492 CE). NYPL, Dorot Jewish Division.

This is the first printed edition of the complete Mishnah, the compilation of Oral Law codified in six sedarim (orders) by Judah the Prince ca. 200 CE.

Maimonides (1135–1204) began writing his Commentary on the Mishnah, the earliest of his major writings, in his early twenties. Each order of the Mishnah is introduced with an extensive preface, and his general introduction relates the full history of the Oral Law and includes expositions on eschatology, the afterlife, ethics, and Jewish dogma.

The illustrations on this page represent Maimonides' understanding of the laws of 'Eruvin, a category of enclosure that differentiates between classes of public and private property.

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