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Christianity The Annunciation

Book of Hours, Use of Rome, in Latin and French. Master of Spencer 6 (perhaps Laurent Boiron), illuminator. France, Bourges, ca. 1505–1510. NYPL, Spencer Collection.

For Christians, Jesus is the Messiah, the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies that heralded the arrival of an Anointed One (Mashiah, Christos) who would bring salvation to Israel. The New Testament accounts of his miraculous birth, the numerous miracles he performed, and his crucifixion by the Romans and subsequent resurrection further demonstrated to his followers Jesus' divine status as the Son of God.

In the first scene featured from this French Book of Hours, the angel Gabriel announces to Mary, who is a virgin, the birth of her child through divine intervention. The child, she is told, will be a son and he will redeem the world.

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