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What Do You See?

Faith on the Street – What Do You See?

The New York Public Library seeks photographers of all ages to help us explore the nature of religious faith on the streets of New York City!

We invite you to take photographs of contemporary expressions of faith – any faith – which we may then publish to a Flickr gallery featured on our website. This Faith on the Street project will form an important part of our major fall exhibition: Three Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, which opens October 22 and explores the connections and commonalities among the three Abrahamic religions.

To participate, you need only a camera – cell phone, digital, or any other kind. From October 2010 through February 2011, participants can take photographs that document any faith practice, symbol, structure, or artifact that helps illustrate how New Yorkers express their religious faith here and now. Such photographs could include a family bible, a grotto on Staten Island, a Hindu First Rice ceremony, Islamic murals, religious jewelry or tattoos, Buddhist prayers, and endless others!

Simply email us the photograph, and it may become part of our Faith on the Street digital gallery! We prefer that your photo does not include people, but if your photo does include a person, please make sure you have that person’s permission to submit the photo to NYPL’s website.

The idea behind the project is to connect the sacred, ancient texts featured in the Three Faiths exhibition to the way religion is practiced today in New York City, and to allow New Yorkers to help create a collective snapshot of religious faith in this time and place.

Please feel free to describe your photographs, share your thoughts about them, or include an accompanying essay of up to 500 words. Your words will appear when viewers scroll over your photograph in the gallery, and the full text of your writing will accompany your photograph when viewers click on the image.