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For Christians, this Jewish preacher from Nazareth was the Messiah, the fulfillment of the Biblical prophecies that heralded the arrival of an Anointed One (Mashiah, Christos) who would bring salvation to Israel. The New Testament accounts of his miraculous birth, the numerous miracles he performed, and his crucifixion by the Romans and subsequent resurrection further demonstrated to his followers Jesus' divine status as the Son of God. The New Testament includes the four Gospels, or lives, of Jesus, which proclaim the "good news" (the evangels) of Jesus' life and works. Christians trace the family tree of Jesus back to Abraham through his parents Mary and Joseph. For Muslims, Jesus is 'Isa, born through a miraculous conception to the virgin Maryam (the only woman named in the Qur'an), and the last great Messenger and Prophet before the birth of Muhammad. Judaism recognizes none of the prophetic, messianic, or divine attributes afforded Jesus by Christianity and Islam. For Jews, Yeshu is most often seen as a first-century CE Galilean teacher-preacher, a dissident interpreter of Jewish law, and the central figure around whom the nascent Jewish sect of Christianity was formed after his death.