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Jews, Christians, and Muslims all possess a book that they regard as the Word of God. That Word — and the way it has been written, copied, and illustrated over the centuries — is the basis of Three Faiths.

In Three Faiths you will find many breathtakingly beautiful ceremonial copies of Scripture. But you will also find more modest and much-loved siblings of the Sacred Book, such as lectionaries, haggadoth, evangelaries, and prayer books.

The precious manuscripts, ancient prayer books, religious guides, and other writings that help tell the story of Three Faiths can be viewed in isolation, or grouped together in a variety of ways. Click on any of the subjects to the left to explore these materials sorted by religion, or by the four great messengers sent by God — Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. Or click on "The Scriptures" to view pages from the sacred books of all three faiths side by side.