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“For My house shall be a house of prayer for all nations.” — Isaiah 56:7

The traditions, passions, and beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are not confined to the illuminated pages of extraordinary manuscripts or to the contents of the important historic texts that these religious communities have produced over the centuries. Each of the three Abrahamic faith communities is also the locus of an ongoing living tradition. These faith communities comprise billions of individuals across the globe and account for more than half of the human race. They continue to inspire devotion, dedication, and action in the hearts and minds of their adherents today, just as they have for countless yesterdays, and just as they will doubtlessly continue to do for innumerable tomorrows.

Image: Scroll of Esther. Rephael Montalto, scribe. Amsterdam, AM 5446 (1686 CE). NYPL, Spencer Collection.