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Coffee Trucks helped build NY

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Title Coffee Trucks helped build NY

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Text Coffee Trucks like the ones my family has been using have been serving construction workers and other local employees for over 30 years and literally helped build NYC and Long Island brick by brick. Most workers didn't have enough time to travel for lunch and there were not many mealtime options in the foundation of a skyscraper other sites, so vending trucks grew in popularity due to their convenience and reliability. Our stainless steel trucks help introduce the food truck concept to the public, popularized the use of food trucks for lunch at work, and paved the way for the gourmet food trucks and multiple mobile munchie machines. that roam our streets today.

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“Coffee Trucks helped build NY,” Lunch Hour NYC, accessed September 22, 2019, http://exhibitions.nypl.org/lunchhour/items/show/662.

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