NYPL Video: Joan La Barbara on John Cage and Vocal Performance


Joan La Barbara's career as a composer / performer / soundartist explores the human voice as a multi-faceted instrument expanding traditional boundaries, creating works for multiple voices, chamber ensembles, music theater, orchestra and interactive technology, developing a unique vocabulary of experimental and extended vocal techniques: multiphonics, circular singing, ululation and glottal clicks that have become her "signature sounds," garnering awards in the U.S. and Europe including the 2008 Letter of Distinction from the American Music Center for her significant contributions to new American music; the 2004 Guggenheim Fellowship in Music Composition, the prestigious DAAD Artist-in-Residency in Berlin and seven National Endowment for the Arts fellowships: Music Composition, Opera / Music Theatre, Inter-Arts, Recording (two), Solo Recitalist and Visual Arts.

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Joan La Barbara
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Manuscript Excerpt: Songbooks Sketches

Excerpts from sketches that illustrate I-Ching figurations. "Song Books" can also be performed with other works of indeterminacy, such as "4'33''" and/or "Radio Music."

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Program: New Music Ensemble 1971

This concert illustrates the decision by the New Music Ensemble to perform "Song Books" with six other works of indeterminacy. The program includes stage directions for the performance.

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