Personal Impressions of John Cage


In 1970, John Cage received the Arts Award atDickinson College (PA). In this video, four members of the class of 2015 present interviews with students who participated in the 1970 performance. They also collect impressions of John Cage
from current students rehearsing for a 2011 performance of Radio Music.

About The Artists
Jenn Azarow, Dickinson Class of 2015
Christina Errico, Dickinson Class of 2015
Alex Kasznel, Dickinson Class of 2015
Matthew Schwartzman, Dickinson Class of 2015

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Dickinson College First Year Seminar
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Program: New Music Ensemble 1971

This concert illustrates the decision by the New Music Ensemble to perform "Song Books" with six other works of indeterminacy. The program includes stage directions for the performance.

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Program: Juilliard String Quartet

This concert featured works by the New York School composers Cage, Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff, and Earle Brown.

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