Spin-17 performs John Cage's ARIA


Solo Voice piece for any range with electronics accompaniment. Its voice part is graphically notated in 10 different styles so that a performer can choose any 10 different vocal styles of his/her choice.

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Spin-17 : Ed Chang on Electronics, Motoko Shimizu on voice

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"Aria," interpreted by Sabina Meyer


Società Aquilana dei Concerti "B.Barattelli," Italy; February 18, 2007; video by Theo Eshetu

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Sabina Meyer

"Aria," interpreted by Claron McFadden


Claron McFadden performs Cage's "Aria," in Amsterdam, for Vrije Geluiden.

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Claron McFadden

Manuscript Excerpt: Aria

This aria may be sung in whole or in part, alone or with the Fontana mix or with any parts of the Concert (for piano and orchestra); for Cathy Berberian; composed in Milan, 1958. Text employs vowels, consonants, and words from five languages: Armenian, Russian, Italian, French, and English.

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