For a Plurality of Sound Systems (Buchla200e, Radio, Tape Recorder, Max/MSP) Score available at Edition Peters

The score is made of symbols printed on transparent plastic sheets, the symbols set the number of available and possible sound systems (a sound system is made of speakers, generators and components such as filters, modulators, amplifiers). The symbols are dropped on a white sheet painted with a straight black line. The axis of each symbol states whether the component or generator must change or stand still (% of amount of change). Some changes are done manually, some other are made by control voltage. Amplification and surround pan are controlled (following the score) by max/MSP.

Recorded in binaural simulation, use headphones.

About The Artist
Giorgio Sancristoforo aka Tobor Experiment is an Italian sound artist.

Graduated at SAE College and trained at the state-of-the-art THX certified post-production facility Marinastudios, started his career as audio engineer, sound designer and video editor in music and advertising.

Since 2005 he has written several softwares (Gleetchplugs, Gleetchlab 1/2/3, OM, Berna) for sound-design and experimental music, appreciated in over 40 countries worldwide by thousands of musicians, producers, and teachers.

He’s currently resident artist at AGON Contemporary Music Center of Milan working in interactive installations, experimental music and education as well as music assistant for composers. He also teaches sound synthesis, sound design and Max/MSP at Milan’s SAE College since 2002.

His sounds and installations have been featured at the Shangai Expo 2010, Palazzo Reale of Milan, Teatro Valli of Reggio Emilia, the National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan, Onedotzero, Nemo France, IDAP China and Japan, Le Cube France and Lovebytes UK.

He’s member of the Electronic Music Foundation since 2010.

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Giorgio Sancristoforo
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