John Cage 100 Anniversary Performance in Milan, Italy


Sept. 5th, 2012: Happy birthday, Mr. Cage!

The prestigious Triennale Design Museum of Milan hosted us for a whole John Cage day and evening of lectures and performances. My contribution was an interpretation of Variations VI (1966).

Many thanks to: Sandro Mussida, Elio Marchesini, Alessandra Novaga, HurlaJanus Ensemble, Inkyung Hwang, Christian Schmitz, Luca Rullo, Lorenzo Villa, Triennale staff and everybody who attended (especially my students)

About The Artist

Giorgio Sancristoforo aka Tobor Experiment is an Italian sound artist. Graduated at SAE College and trained at the state-of-the-art THX certified post-production facility Marinastudios; started his career as audio engineer, sound designer and video editor in music and advertising.

In 2007 he wrote and directed for MTV Italy eleven short documentaries on electronic music called Tech Stuff, produced by The Box Films and recently published as a DVD + book by isbnedizioni. Since 2005 he has written several softwares (Gleetchplugs, Gleetchlab 1/2/3, OM, Berna) for sound-design and experimental music, appreciated in over 40 countries worldwide by thousands of musicians, producers, and teachers. He’s currently resident artist at AGON Contemporary Music Center of Milan working in interactive installations, experimental music and education as well as music assistant for composers. He also teaches sound synthesis, sound design and Max/MSP at Milan’s SAE College since 2002. His sounds and installations have been featured at the Shangai Expo 2010, Palazzo Reale of Milan, Valli Theater of Reggio Emilia, the National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan, Arena del Sole Theater of Bologna, Onedotzero, Nemo France, IDAP China and Japan, Le Cube France and Lovebytes UK.

His side-project Tobor Experiment Disco Experience is published by Bearfunk Records UK and includes collaborations with Stevie Kotey (Chiken Lips) and Fabrizio Mammarella (Clap Rules). Giorgio Sancristoforo is available for classes and lectures(English or Italian language) as well as site-specific installations and concerts.

He’s a member of the Electronic Music Foundation since 2010.

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Giorgio Sancristoforo
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