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Welcome to a "Super-County Fair"

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An important part of the new Fair theme, “For Peace and Freedom,” was the projection of an All-American "super-county fair" spirit that would appeal, in the words of one Fair official, to the "common run of people" as opposed to "the high silk hat group."
Projecting the new Fair policy of folksy and neighborly spirit, a new slogan, “Hello Folks,” greeted visitors all over the fairgrounds, along with a new mascot, Elmer — “a composite American, proud of his country, and happy to be visiting the World’s Fair for a good time.” “If everybody who comes to the Fair has a good time,” said Harvey Gibson, the new head of the Fair, “we will be satisfied.”
After the second season launch on May 11, 1940, Time magazine reported, “By that homey standard, Mr. Gibson’s opener last week was a huge success.”