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A "Shrine for Democracy"

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With the Czech Pavilion already largely built, calls came from all walks of life urging that plans proceed for the building to stand as a “monument to a murdered republic" … a “shrine for democracy” … a "monument to the memory of Czecho-Slovakia” … even if left unfinished.
New York City Mayor Fiorello La Guardia denounced the “betrayal” of Czechoslovakia. “The Czecho-Slovak building,” said the Mayor’s executive secretary, “should remain unfinished as a silent monument to the tragedy of the Czecho-Slovak Republic. That will be a much more stirring message than to complete the building. It was initiated by a republic and not by the present totalitarian rulers.” This, wrote a woman named Alice Gray, would “show to visitors from all over the world the sorrow and sympathy of New York for a brave little country which can have no share in 'The World of Tomorrow.'"