Who Put Biblion: Frankenstein Together

Deanna Lee

Managing Editor
James Murdock

Production Coordinator
Ben Holland-Arlen

Lead Designer
Richert Schnorr

Web Developer
Wesley Trager

Photo Editor
Jonathan Blanc

Senior Editors
Ken Benson
Elizabeth Hays
Jon Pace
Heidi Singer
Abby Tannenbaum

Assistant Editor
Lauren Trainor

Copy Editor
Sarah Bruni

Curatorial Consultants
Charles C. Carter
Elizabeth C. Denlinger
Stephen Hebron

Social Media Consultant
Johannes Neuer

Special Thanks
This edition of Biblion would not have been possible without the generosity and assistance of Elizabeth C. Denlinger and Charles C. Carter, of the Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle, and Dr. Paul LeClerc. Their contributions have been immense. Similarly, at the Bodleian Library, Alison Prince, Oana Romocea, and Cressida Ryan deserve special thanks for their prompt assistance in making available content from their Shelley’s Ghost exhibition website.

Thanks are also owed to: Caroline Ashby, John Calhoun, Cathy Carr, Elaine Charnov, Beatrice Chen, Jacqueline Davis, Gregory Cram, Gregory Kallenberg, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Nicholas Higgins, Sara Karloff, Lucine Kinoian, Matthew Knutzen, Matthew Lansburgh, Anthony Marx, Kristin McDonough, Michelle Misner, Angela Montefinise, Susan Mosakowski, Jessica Pigza, Stephen Pinson, Susan Rabbiner, Kailen Rogers, Ari Rubin, Christopher Shoemaker, Gayle Snible, AJ Stetson, Jean Strouse, Ann Thornton, Natalie Tschechaniuk, Madeleine Viljoen, and James Westbrook.

This digital publication has been made possible by the continuing generosity of Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III.

Support for Shelley’s Ghost has been generously provided by the Aronson and Pforzheimer Families.

Support for The New York Public Library’s Exhibitions Program has been provided by Celeste Bartos, Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III, Mahnaz Ispahani Bartos and Adam Bartos Exhibitions Fund, and Jonathan Altman.

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