Centennial Programs

The iconic Stephen A. Schwarzman Building celebrates its 100th Anniversary with a year of special programs, including lectures, discussions, exhibitions, and an alternate-reality game.

Find the Future: The Game at Your Neighborhood Library

Become an author and make your own future as you work your way through a series of quests and writing challenges at your Library. Learn game-design mechanics, study the history of your neighborhood, and get inspired and find out what kinds of legacies remain in your neighborhood. Check back soon for more information. In the meantime, check out this video documenting "Write All Night," the overnight Game at The New York Public Library that took place on Friday, May 20, 2011.

*These programs are made possible by the Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Barakett Endowment for Children's and Young Adult Programs and Services.

Download a printable version of free programs for children, teens, and adults.


Photo: Jonathan Blanc

Photo: Rick Lew

The Dewitt Wallace Periodical Room. Photo: Dani Piderman

Art by Jacob Glaser


is the Lead Corporate Sponsor of the Centennial Exhibition Celebrating 100 Years and related programming.