Dog on Fleas Perform at NYPL!

Rock the shelves and shake the stacks with musical band Dog on Fleas as they celebrate the 100th birthday of The New York Public Library’s iconic Stephen A. Schwarzman Building at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street.
“Ten years old and still growing up,” promises Dog on Fleas, the tuneful trio planning to bring a tornado of music to the Library on Saturday, May 21 at 3:15 p.m. Songs for kids and their counterparts are part rock-and-roll, part jazz, with a splash of Cheap Trick and Elvis, and an occasional dash of zydeco.
“We always start with a set list, but we end up playing whatever inspires us or we make up in the moment,” says Dean Jones, Dog on Fleas founder. “I don’t want to promise anything, but, who knows, maybe we’ll do a song about birthdays and libraries! It’s cool to be part of the Library’s Centennial.”
Lyrics that exalt everything from snakes and dogs that curtsy to wormy fruits are irresistible to kids and adults, particularly when the melodies are punctuated by an extraordinary array of musical and sound effects. While harmonizing to “blueberries, avocados, potato chips, chocolate, vegetables, and pupusas,” the trio will also bring to the stage a stunning wardrobe, fancy footwork, and musical instruments from around the world.
Ever wonder what a Jamaican rhumba box sounds like? How about a nose flute, a bullroarer, or a thumb piano? Listen to Dog on Fleas perform and you’ll soon find out! The trio’s energetic music will leave you wanting to pick up your banjo — even if you don’t own one yet!
Dog on Flees has performed for schools and libraries across the nation for more than 10 years. With songs such as “Twistification,” “Rub a Dub,” “Crawl to Your Mother,” and “Goodnight Fudge,” the trio aims for fun, unrestrained invention, and connection to their audience.
Join the Centennial celebration and enjoy a free performance on Saturday, May 21 at 3:15 p.m. in South Court Auditorium at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. With original, inventive music, Dog on Fleas will surely convert listeners of all ages to their brand of loose, energetic music.

Dog on Fleas